A comment on the life of Michael Jackson and response to his life/death.


Michael Jackson was a troubled fifth level mature soul artisan with reserve mode sliding to passion when he performed in public or when recording in the studio. In everyday life he was quite reserved. Being fifth level (sage level) mature (relationship oriented) he was eccentric and very much in the public view. In addition he had a goal of acceptance and was an emotionally centered idealist with needs for expression, communion, and freedom. That was the makeup of his personality.

Like most famous people he agreed at the essence level to be an iconic public figure that would represent the times for several generations, not unusual for the fifth level. He represented many of the projections of millions of people, for example being a somewhat confused and tortured soul with identity problems like so many people of his generation. He was extraordinarily talented but relationships were difficult for him, especially the one with himself and his own body. He was never able to grow up so he represented the abused child that was perpetually wounded, again a signature for many of his generation.

It is rather typical for public figures at the fifth level to die relatively young. They come in a flash, do their work and leave, often tragically in order to make as big an impact as possible. His death was easily predictable. For many people he represented an age that is now ended. His death as well as Farrah Fawcett's are marking the end of an age. Their deaths make a big statement. We are in for severe change and that world they struggled with is over, over, over. Within a very short time, months in fact, massive changes are coming. Their deaths are a heads up.

People intuitively know this and through their deaths are grieving a world that is now gone.  So, as you can see, it is not just Michael Jackson's sudden death that people are upset about. They are upset that Michael Jackson was never quite able to heal the wounds of childhood just as they have not. They are upset that the world he represented is over. They are upset that childhood for the world is finished and that we must now grow up as a planet and as a species despite unfinished business. Every life is a metaphor and when it comes to iconic figures the metaphor is for their generation. In summary their deaths make the statement, "Childhood is over. Grow up to meet the coming age."