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Times of Radical Change

Here is a picture of a Peruvian Shaman doing a ceremony to support Barack Obama on his inauguration day. Thousands of shamans around the world have been performing such ceremonies. Why? Shamans are tuned into the dramatic changes on this planet and they know that Barack Obama is an icon for the dawning age of relationships so they want to make sure he has all the support necessary to carry the change through. This shamanic activity is an unprecedented event.

The 2008 election of Barack Obama and his subsequent inauguration as the 44th president of the United States is both an international event and a historical event that goes way beyond his becoming the first president of mixed race. The world has been in the third stage of development, the Success Oriented Stage for thousands of years. Prior to that it went through the first stage, the Survival Oriented stage and then the second stage, the Rule Oriented Stage. Now with the change of millennium and the approach of 2012, the time has come for the world to shift into the fourth stage, the Relationship Oriented stage or in other words, adolescence. This shift into puberty happened with the elections. So it is not an accident that everything related to the former Success Oriented Stage is crumbling just as the Relationship Oriented stage is getting started. For example the stock market dropped 300 points on the day of the inaugeration and George W. Bush and his team was flown away in a helicopter. Change is nigh.

Typically at the shifting of stages the world changes dramatically and this time is no exception. The  usual pattern is this: 1. Crumbling and rapid disintegration of the old paradigm and everything that represents it. 2. Chaos and troubled times as no one knows quite how to replace the old with the new. 3. Confusion as elements of the old co-exist with some very new ideas and structures. 4. Gradual implementation of a new paradigm. 5. Integration and stabilization of the new. The first four steps will take place mostly prior to 2024 but the final stage will take 100 years or more. In historical terms this is a twinkling of an eye but in the modern worlds expectations it may appear to be a long time. Be prepared for a tough transition.

Every element of the world will change, economics, cultural norms, societal norms, national boundaries, international relations, the nature of politics, the power structure, the arts, science, technology, philosophy, religion, and consciousness itself.

There is no turning back at this point. Much will go by the wayside but the most important thing, human relationships is arriving at its place in the sun. To navigate these times you will have to be most flexible. Like the Ravens, learn to enjoy the most turbulent conditions. Be as present as possible and do not be attached to the outcome. Take nothing personally and make no assumptions. Learn to share and be kind to others. Have a strong spiritual practice, whatever you choose it to be. Above all, be prepared to let go of much that you thought you needed to be happy, and most of all be willing to let go of the retaining walls in your mind. Change will happen regardless of whether you are willing to change or not. Being willing will make the process much more exciting, much less miserable.

Be prepared to be surprised by many things, some of it unpleasant, but much in a wonderful way. Remember that when one door closes, other doors open. Be looking for opening doors.  The good old days are ahead.