José Luis Stevens Ph.D. is the president and co-founder of The Power Path Inc., an international consulting firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is an international lecturer, organizational consultant, and executive coach to CEOs, producers, actors, and varied professionals including attorneys, economists, and scientists. Dr. Stevens uses PersonnessenceTM, a powerful perennial philosophy and personality system as the basis for much of his work. He is known for his accurate use of intuition in understanding people and his ability to understand and forecast world trends.



The Personessence¬ô System for Understanding People

The comprehensive e-books on the Personessence™ System based on the Michael Teachings is now available. These manuals include photographs of exemplars, workbooks, specialized communication techniques and much information that has never before been included in any other books on the system. If you wish an introduction to the system to help you decide if you want to know more you can download the free introduction to the Personessence™  System. The entire personality system has been divided into e-book manuals containing from 60 to 150 pages apiece. These books include the most complete and comprehensive information about this system to date and represent forty years of research and study. The e-books are suitable for training in many different organizational settings.

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